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Great Chair

The chair gives great massages. We use the chair daily and has helped our backs tremendously. The chair is very easy to use and is comfortable to sit on after the massage. The heated seat soothes our back while getting a massage. The chair is used to relax us before we go to bed. The usb plug is very useful and conveniently placed near by. We usually charge our phones during the massage. We recommend the chair to anyone needing a good massage without having to leave the house.

So Good!!!

The massage chair Osaki pro max is the best we enjoy it very much. the service is great and the company is very reliable. thanks for the product and are the best.

Absolutely Amazing!!!

I finally bought a massage chair after hearing my friend about how great they work in providing stress and pain relief. This was the best investment I made in a while. I feel so much more relaxed and it really helps manage my stress level. I have a very intense high-stress job and coming home to my massage chair is really like escaping to paradise. I guess the name Massage Chair Paradise is fitting. I bought the Osaki Pro-OS Ekon. I am very happy with the chair and the service I received during the process.


We had been looking for a massage chair for several years. We decided to purchase our chair because of the deep massage it gives. The many programs help with finding the right massage for you.

Very comfortable!

Finally a massage chair with a great massage! Have always loved the bigger massage chairs but never had the room for them. My husband is 6'2" and it still fits him very well. I love how the L-track massages my sciatic area. Fits the perfect small space we have in our bedroom. Everyone who sees the chair loves the look and the feel.

Very Happy!

Got this for my husband for Christmas and he loves it. Many massage programs and also great targeted massaging on the areas you need it most. You can adjust the strength and the intensity as well as the type of massage. Chair seems good quality. I thought the chair was made in Japan but box said Made in China.

Pleased with purchase

More comfortable and vigorous massage than I expected. Chair well designed, good quality and materials, and easy to use. Nice small footprint. Fairly comfortable to just sit in and read w/o massage. Lightweight and easy to move around. Easy to understand controller. So far, so good...pleased.

This is nice massage chair.

This chair gives much better, stronger massage and it comes with all of modern features SL tracking, Foot Roller, Bluetooth, built in HD Speaker, android phone apps for remote control, true 4D heated roller, fancy design and lights, etc.

Great value for money

It works as you say. It has some amazing options to customize the massage needed. It is highly unlikely to grt all this in a chair of this price range. Highly pleased!


An excellent device with more than one level in frequency speed and has 4 different pieces of bases for the back, neck and muscles of the body product new and clean.

Will prefer to friends and family!!

After 1 month used so far this chair very good, it gives strong pressure to the right spot i want. , I loved all the different selection except the heat i feel very light to me , may be different used will ok.

Great chair........Great investment.

First review ever. This chair is unreal. If you have a chronic bad back and pay for massages, cut back on massage or chiropractor and buy this chair. It's hard to believe but it will pay for itself over time. I know I will require far less treatments with this chair.


Bought the kagra chair a couple weeks a ago and the whole family has enjoyed every minute. It has become so popular we have a nightly schedule to make sure everyone gets some time. Great programs and flexibility to hit the spots needed. After a long day it is a great way to wind down.


After this chair gets done with your back and neck you feel like you have melted into the chair. The best part of this chair is my wife doesn't complain about a space ship looking chair. I can flip the legs around and use it like an ottoman. They also don't stick out into the middle of the room.

Best Tech used

In love with its touchscreen controller and Noise reduction technology as it allows me to relax peacefully. Definitely a great choice of massage chair.

What a massage!

Have never quite felt anything like this! Gets your whole body at once and your out on a cloud. This chair moves you away from your wall, so though the chair is big, it can be right up to the wall. It floats you out and into zero g. This is the most relaxing position you’ll ever be in and the massage is pleasant all around. Enjoying it now actuall Read more about Have never quite felt anything like.

My Review

I recently purchased the Luraco Legend. I wasn't sure if I should get the Leged, i7, Novo XT or the Ekon. They're all the "best" chairs right now. I'm a really active person, so a chair with a long L-track works great for me. I really like being able to customize my massage and save different options. The remote is easy to figure out and the chair is quiet. They weren't kidding about that part!

Osaki chair!!

Great chair, great staff selling the chair..

Fabulous Chair

This chair is wonderful. If you want a powerful massage this chair is capable. The auto and manual modes are both great.

I wish I would have bought this 10 years ago!

I love, love, love this massage chair! I was nervous to buy such an expensive item without trying it out first but It is better than I expected! It was easy to put together with the help of another person. The zero gravity, foot massage and lower back are exceptional. I like the arm massage feature however I would add more airbags to the arms if I had the option. It is easy to operate, I haven't figured the custom settings out yet but I like the auto massage so much I haven't really looked at the custom massages yet. It is so relaxing and has helped increase my quality of life.

Great upgrade!

Gave my previous Osaki chair to a family member to get this one. Second purchase within 2 years - well worth the money. This paired with inversion table - daily remedy for sciatica.


I AM 6'2'' 200 lbs and this chair fit me perfectly. I was shocked how easy to set up and operate. Living in a small apartment I never thought a could have such a great chair. Highly recommended.

Healing Chair

This wonderful massage chair comes with a fantastic design and multiple powerful and therapeutic benefits. it's a healing one for me. so definitely recommended.

Great Buy

Good Buy...

Excellent chair

Chair offers a very good massage. Some mimics a real hands on massage.

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